Keisha Grey
Keish is a Co-Chair of the STARS Committee.


(Arrest perpetrators, Investigate criminal enterprises, Manage cases involving trafficking)

A.I.M. is a law enforcement only group. It serves as a law enforcement component and coordinates and collaborates with Federal, State, and local entities to “work cases”. This group works closely and collaboratively with the South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force run by the Department of Homeland Security ICE.



(Stop Trafficking and Rescue Individual Persons Exploited Through Slavery)

STRIPES is primarily focused on the “adult” (over age 18) victims of human trafficking, and the extremely vulnerable 18-24 year old population coming from foster care. Labor exploitation, massage parlors, nail salons, hair braiding, magazine sales crews and many others are addressed. The focus is both domestic and international with much emphasis on communications with various country Consulates, and legitimate employers being educated on issues related to the luring and exploitation of “adults” for sex or labor.


Caridad Mas-Batchelor
Caridad is the Co-Chair of the STRIPES Committee. 


(Stop Trafficking And Rescue Survivors)

STARS is solely focused on the juvenile aspects of human trafficking. The STARS committee has actively been working to identify gaps in service provision, and work to ensure that there are POCs (points of contact) that will work together to enhance service provision to juvenile victims. The STARS Committee is being recognized as a leader in the development of policy and positive adaptive change for juveniles. The efforts undertaken are to address the systems for those youth who are identified as either domestically or internationally trafficked. Education and awareness are the hallmarks of the BHTC. This Committee receives direction, networking, and information to work diligently to collaborate and coordinate responses within their respective agencies to issues such as Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

Sarah Gillespie-Cummings
Sarah is a Co-Chair of the STARS Committee.

Victoria Sexton

Victoria Co-Chair of the BHTC STRIPES Committee.

We have three working committees that are committed to serving different populations: