The purpose of the BHTC is to impact the response to victims of human trafficking through outreach and advocacy activities, to coordinate informational, educational, and training seminars, and identify resources available. Further, the Coalition will partner with the general public, those who serve it and all community partners; to raise awareness of the issues relating to the foreign and domestic trafficking of men, women, and children. The BHTC is in and of itself a clearinghouse, advocacy and networking forum and is not a provider of direct services.

Nelson Bogren
Nelson is the Director of Special Services at Covenant House Florida. He serves as BHTC's Treasurer and Chairs the STRIPES sub-committee.

Michelle Lanspa
Michelle directed international
programs for Tampep Onlus. She serves as BHTC's Community Communications Specialist.

Jumorrow Johnson
Jumorrow is the Victim Advocate at Florida Atlantic University Police Department. She serves as President of the Coalition.


Heidi Schaeffer
Heidi is a Medical Doctor. She gives us updates on relevant legislation and serves as the Coalition Communications Specialist. 

The mission of the BHTC is to raise awareness about Human Trafficking. The Coalition serves as an information, education, and networking resource for organizations as well as the community.

The Broward Human Trafficking Coalition (BHTC) is a Coalition of  individuals from the general public, those who serve it, and all community partners, in Southeast Florida who are individually and collectively committed to working to improve assistance for persons affected by the crime of human trafficking.

Tabitha Bush
Tabitha is the Reach Program Coordinator at the PACE Center for Girls Broward County Campus. She serves as BHTC's Vice President of Events and Fundraising.



There is no membership fee to join BHTC, only a common interest. The BHTC membership is comprised of persons who have come together to further the BHTC mission. Any person who wishes to become part of the BHTC should complete a membership application with necessary contact information. As this is a working forum, members will be expected to attend regularly scheduled quarterly meetings. Further, all members will form subcommittees corresponding to their area of expertise and profession.  Chairpersons for each subcommittee will be elected by consensus to lead and report on any activities planned throughout the calendar year. Each member makes a commitment to be active and contribute to the Coalition through participation in scheduled events, and to represent the BHTC when collaborating with other community agencies or organizations.